Our tailored planning starts and ends with you and your love story

turning your dream, to reality

At Emerald Events we are passionate about bringing you and your loved ones together for a magical celebration. Our services allow you to live in the moment and create memories that you’ll relive with your friends and family for a lifetime. 


i'm devyn!

grande hot pike place black 

is my coffee order aka my life line during wedding season

More about me!

Owner & Lead Planner

Planning weddings and turning a couple's dream day into a reality is a true passion of mine, which is why I opened Emerald Events in 2016! As a wedding planner, I offer experience, professional resources, and most importantly, my time to the modern day couple. Many of my past couples simply didn’t have enough free hours in a day to plan their own weddings. And for those that did, they preferred to leave planning of such an important event to a trusted professional like myself.


gets me through my long work days in the office

10 years and counting 

March 2023 I have been with my now husband, Nathan


is my all time favorite feel good show Lorelai Gilmore = GOALS

old world
for the modern bride


My design style has definitely changed over the years. It wasn’t until recently when I traveled down the coast of Italy for my honeymoon that I felt that I had found Emerald Events’ true identity.

Italy screams love and romance which is the core of my company. There is just something about a neutral color palette with a simple yet richly detailed tablescape where candles take the center stage that makes my heart sing.

Hosted at Vineyards, Estates, Mansions, Modern Lofts, Museums, Gardens, Waterfront Venues and many more throughout New England!